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28 September, 2009

6 coupons left!

Thanks for all of your great support to Kalos.

From our opening till now we've got 4 orders!
That's mean we've got 6 coupons left only!

By the way, we will have our first craft to show up within these one or two days~!(wow!)
So, please bookmark our site to your favourite and keep yourself update with our products~!

And don't forget to join our Fans Page in Facebook!

Thanks, again!!


Unknown said...

Do you do cookies or crafts as wedding favors? After your crafts section lauched, can you consider designing or making some samples? Our wedding would be at late November. Thanks and congrats to your opening~ Cheers

Kalos said...

Congrants to your wedding,Hester Kenrick!

This is a lovely suggestion about wedding gifts.
(Thank you so much!)
We will do some research about this and hopefully you will see some samples on our site within one week!

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