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11 September, 2009

About us

===================OUR NAME===================

"Kalos"=" καλός"
An ancient Greek adjective encompasses meanings equivalent to English "good", "noble", and "beautiful".

================OUR PRODUCTS==================

We provide custom-made products to suit any needs of individual, range handcrafts to pastries.

**********************Pastries Section***********************
We specialize in cheesecakes,cookies and jams.
Please check our pages of cakes samples.

You can customize your cake from the ingredients, the sweetness and the decoration....All by your request.
We promised you can get freshest taste of our every product!

********************Handcrafts Section***********************
The line of handcrafts are not fully set up yet.

Shall you have any request, please email us, best to send us a picture of the products along. We will try our best to fulfill your need!


no name said...

i want to buy a cake for my boss, bald bald..pls tell me what to do?

Kalos said...

Could you leave your phone number or drop us a email to

Thanks for your support!

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