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24 September, 2009

White Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut cake

White chocolate Caramel Hazelnut cake

Unforgettable taste of hazelnut cake with white chocolate mousse and crunchy mashed caramel and hazelnut!
Base: Hazelnut cake
Top layer: White chocolate mousse mixed with mashed caramel coated hazelnut!
Decorating with dark chocolate and strawberries.


6" inch in circle-$128 (6-8 servings)
8" inch in circle-$218(10-14 servings)
8"x8" in square-$278(16-25 servings)

Extra decoration :
$2 for 2 x candle stands + candles
$8 for decorating tag
$15 for decorating tag with CUSTOM writing


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