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09 August, 2010

Fondant Cake

Kalos Fondant Cake is just YUMMY ( honestly!):D

Main: Marble Butter Cake ( Chocolate and Vanilla)

Frosting:Butter Cream

Decoration:Vanilla-scented Marshmallows Fondant with edible food coloring.

The cake was assembled by softy layered Marble Butter Cake , coated with Buttercream and decorated by vanilla-scented Marshmallows Fondant!

We use edible coloring to make sure you can enjoy and taste the every part of the cake!

This is one of the cake design for fondant cake and absolutely you can design the look of the cake you wanted!

Price: HKD 180 per LB
Size of the cake in this picture: 3LB (2 tier, one in 6" round,top with 5" round cake)


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